Salsa Sound Become Lead Audio Partner On DCMS-Funded 5G Edge-XR Project

We’re excited to be the lead audio partner on DCMS-funded 5G Edge-XR project. The project which started in September 2020, is looking at harnessing the power of 5G networks to leverage the use of graphical processing units (GPUs) to facilitate immersive live XR experience on consumer devices.  

The project is led by BT and is a collaboration between Condense Reality, The Grid Factory, Bristol University, Dance East and of course, Salsa Sound.  

Traditionally, XR experiences are only available when there is a local high-powered server in the space to render the content for each user. This can be problematic and makes it inaccessible in a broadcast scenario. Using 5G as the high-speed high-bandwidth connectivity means that the content can instead be rendered by edge compute servers enabling a personalised broadcast XR experience.

For immersive XR experiences we are aiming at giving the end user the ability to customise his/her viewpoint within a 3D volumetric video. Accompanying this it is imperative that the audio matches the visual representation. We’re excited to be applying our AI-driven automated spatial audio mixing to this to extract, package and render personalised immersive audio using object-based audio.

You’ll be able to catch the output form this project as we demonstrate our use cases for boxing, motorsport, Dance lessons, football and an in-stadium application, check out for up-to-date information.

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