For Broadcast

High-quality, automated and consistent live audio mixes for any platform

Streamline Your Live Audio Production

MIXaiR™ takes all the input microphones at the scene and creates multiple high-quality mixes for your formats.

MIXaiR™ control GUI is extremely intuitive and can be accessed either locally or remotely over a network. Our technology makes it possible to mix multiple matches simultaneously for all formats including NGA.

Our Broadcast Ready Audio Solution
Microphone Aware
All microphones are input to MIXaiR™ and assigned to a specific sub-mix in the MIXaiR routing matrix
Sophisticated Audio Control
MIXaiR automatically applies dynamic range control, effects processing, and can be panned as required
Configure With Ease
Create as many output groups as you like for different commentaries, feeds or crowd behaviours
AES-67, MADI, ASIO, SDI, SRT, NDI input/output connectivity
VST and AudioUnit plugin support on insputs, sub-mixes & outgroups for easy EQ and compression
Automatic loudness compliance for any loudness standard
Location Independent
Deployable on-site, on premise or in the cloud
Easily Manageable
AUX-in pass through for management of pre-mixed content

Making every seat the best in the house

Find out how Salsa Sound can boost your output while streamlining your audio production

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