MIXaiR™ 2.0

AI-driven automatic audio mixing for live sports

Premium Audio Through Standard Microphones

MIXaiR™ enables you to automatically create a stunning immersive listening experience using standard microphone setups. No additional tracking or manual operation needed, just our patented AI engine processing the input microphone feeds.

MIXaiR™ not only enables you to create compelling and engaging pitch mixes, but also automatically manages crowd, commentary and AUX-in feeds outputting as many different mix variants as you like. That could be multiple output formats (stereo, 5.1, NGA, B-format etc.),  different crowd variants (broadcast, fan experience, home/away etc) or additional commentary feeds  (different languages commentary or audio description, etc). Each mix is normalised to your required loudness standard to ensure compliance with the target platform’s regulations.

All of this is completely automated for a lean-back approach but for the more advanced users there is the option for automated object-based audio production, immersive output configuration, full plugin support on all inputs, sub-mixes and output mixes, recording and much, much more…

Produce better audio mixes automatically
All major immersive audio formats natively supported. Easily up/down-mix feeds as required
Optional sample triggering to enhance difficult to hear sounds.
Smooth transitions between mics for a smooth consistent mix every time
Apply plugins/effects to any input/output or submix within MIXaiR
multiple outputs
Configure as many different mix variants as you like
Real-time, dynamic loudness processing for any loudness standard configurable for different outputs
local or remote
Can be deployed on any cloud platform or used locally in a broadcast truck
Can be used as software (MacOS, Linux or PC) or deployed as hardware solution
Once set up, needs no manual or external intervention to produce great mixes
Once set up, needs no manual or external intervention to produce great mixes
Easy monitoring
Monitor any input, submix or outgroup at the clikc of a button
Comprehensive multi-track record feature for inputs, submixes or outgroups

"It's like being there, but better."

Fan feedback on MixAIR

MIXaiR dramatically improves the sound when watching live sports on TV while simplifying & assisting the mixing process for sound supervisors.

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