Intuitive easily controlled virtual crowd solution

Create And Control A Virtual Crowd In Real Time

With vCROWD™ an operator can create the crowd atmosphere in real-time to accurately match the action on the field of play.

The operator can be in the stadium or a remote location (monitoring the game on video feed) and controls crowd sound using the intuitive touch-screen interface to dynamically create a compelling crowd sound that boosts fan engagement.

Create or Enhance Crowd Sound for Live Broadcast
Intuitive real-time control of a convincing virtual crowd sound for broadcast or in-stadium
Custom sound for your team with signature chants
Multi-touch interface controls multiple intelligently curated and layered sound loops with a single gesture
Distinct Sounds
Infinite number of loop combinations means the same sound is never heard more than once.
Sample sounds at the ready for key on-pitch events
No Swearing
Masking player expletives on the pitch as standard
Easy To Use
Deployed on a touchscreen device, with USB audio interface
Multi Outputs
Supports, stereo, binaural and B-format outputs

‘I loved working it (vCROWD), it was awesome - easy to use and I think it sounded great’

Senior producer, CBS Sports

vCROWD makes it possible to bring in the sound of fans to create an atmosphere in stadium and at home.

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