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Pitch Side Mixes For Your Global Audience

In the globalised sports market, a smaller and smaller percentage of fans will actually be able to physically make it to the stadium.

Our MIXaiR™ solution can help you bring the sound and feeling of being in the stadium using immersive. spatial audio so that remote fans can get the experience of being in the stands of the team they love.

In addition to the immersive in-crowd sound and on-pitch sounds mixing MIXaiR also enables you to offer your clients/fans the ability to swap crowd streams so they could even experience ‘sitting’ in different parts of the stadium. Additionally you can offer different commentary options (biased, non-biased or none at all).
And all of this is handled completely automatically by MIXaiR™.

Everything a club needs to put fans closer to the action and closer to the crowd
Multiple Mixes
As many different output mixes as you like in different formats and all loudness normalised
Our system automatically creates enhanced pitch mix combined with immersive crowd
Commentary Mixes
Multiple automatic mix outputs for different commentaries and crowd feeds for unique fan experiences
Remotely Deployable
Can be facilitated on premises or in the cloud for maximum flexibility
Compliance Covered
Loudness compliance manged automaticaly to ensure adherence to the relevant standards/platform
Broadcast Ready
AES-67, MADI, ASIO, SDI, SRT, NDI input/output connectivity  
Proven to deliver in a variety of live broadcast environments.
New features and functionality available on request.
Able to handle a wide variety of coverage scenarios.

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