Real-Time Sports Data

AI-driven on-pitch sound detection and localisation

Real-time event tagging

Salsa Sound technology uses audio analysis, bespoke deep learning and triangulation methods to accurately determine what is going on on the field-of-play and where it is taking place using just microphone inputs.

This means we can generate a real-time metadata stream describing the content alongside audio mixes all from MIXaiR.

This real-time data can be used in other parts of the prodcution workflow to flag up key events (kicks, whistles, imapct sounds etc).

The output data can be used to control external sources such as video feeds or graphic overlays, for auto-highlight suggestions, content tagging, camera control etc etc.

Always Where The Action Is
AI Driven
Localisation of on pitch sounds in time and space with a data stream output
Automate Cameras
Use our system to help automate camera control ensuring all action is captured
Quicker Highlights
Reduction in edit time for crucial replay and other highlight packages
Integrate Graphics
Use the audio analysis to trigger on-screen graphics

"That gives me goosebumps, it’s like actually being there."

Real time sports data is a game changer for live action sports coverage, contact us to see how it could revolutionise your coverage.

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