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AI-driven audio mixers for live broadcast

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AI-driven audio mixing for live sports broadcast

MIXaiR™ lets you automatically and efficiently create engaging and immersive audio mixes for audiences to better engage with the sport they love.

Virtual crowd solution for games behind closed doors
AI audio mixes for immersive, immediate broadcast through multiple channels
Real Time Sports Data
AI driven on-pitch sound detection and presentation
Object-Based Audio
On pitch sounds captured and tagged in real time
Fan Experience
Bespoke cross-platform fan sound experience

Bringing viewers closer to the action and closer to the crowd

Ben Shirley, part of the Salsa Sound teamRob Oldfield, CEO of Salsa Sound

Audio is a key driver of emotions. It helps you feel closer to the game, the players and the moment. Our technologies are there to draw everyone in.

Salsa Sound is at the forefront of sports broadcast and content production innovation, contact us to find out how we can help you grow your audience.

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